Saturday, 9 April 2011

Four Great Albums Worth Checking Out


Sabbat ~ History Of A Time To Come. Napalm Death ~ From Enslavement to Obliteration. The Almighty ~ Soul Destruction. Gary Moore ~ Wild Frontier

Four great late eighties metal albums finally tracked down on CD. (The Almighty was the hardest to find). I know Napalm Death are a little over the top for some but as soon as I heard them on BBC's Arena prog back in 1988 I was blown away. Almost literally, such was the ferocity of their music!
I think its wonderful that some of these albums are getting released on cd when most were pretty obscure even in their glory days. It feels strange to be raving on about the humble compact disc in these days of iPods and Kindles, when CD's themselves seem to be regarded as old fashioned, but to an old metalhead like myself, finding these classics in this format is mighty pleasing. Mosh \,,/