Saturday, 21 May 2011

Boris The Spider

Fot some reason only known to my mind, lately I have been thinking of cool stuff that was available in the 1980's. One of them was a toy called Boris The Spider which my brother had as a Christmas gift in around 1980. I myself got a dragon called Zorgon (I think), that walked toward you had to be stopped by an infra red laser, fired from a remote control gun. (This kind of stuff was popular in the eighties).

Boris The Spider

Anyway Boris was cooler as he came with a plastic sheet designed like a spiders web and as he 'crawled' via infra red toward you on the web, you had to shoot him to stop his ghastly progress. This guy was almost as impressive as getting Hunchback or Xenon 1 games on the Oric 1 for Christmas presents.
Wow, the 1980's really did rule as times for being a kid.