Saturday, 12 March 2011

Back to Playstation One

Recently I have shunned my other consoles (even my beloved Dreamcast!) for the delights of the original Playstation. It was like suddenly out of nowhere I had the urge to play games like Die Hard Trilogy, Driver and even the mega hard (well it was for me) In Cold Blood. Its quite strange because its not as if ive been hankering over re~playing these games or seen them at a car boot and picked them up. This urge to revisit the Playstation (which is a great little machine of course) has come out of nowhere.

My very modest PSX collection: it may not be big but theres gems here

Anyway im glad it did because ive been having a ball! Im quite the hoarder when it comes to games so it was only Driver and Grand Theft Auto that I had to track down and buy again. (Only a £1 each too. Have I just been lucky or are Playstation games cheaper than chips these days?) Man I hadn't played these for a while but all the old magic came flooding back as soon as the discs booted up!
Didn't have to get familiar with the controls or anything.
Its the Resident Evil games and Driver that have taken up most of my time, especially the latter. The time limits in Driver don't seem as unforgiving this time around either, im really having a blast with it again.
I have Silent Hill planned once I get the gasoline out of my blood and who knows where after that?
Playstation 3's little brother (or that should be OLDER brother) has given me a breath of fresh gaming air after being bogged down with current gen these past few months. Im even loving the first Tony Hawk's skateboarding game with its limited moves and stunts. There's plenty of life still in this grey dog I tell ya!

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