Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja

Been playing a lot of Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja a lot lately, that cool beat 'em up by Data East that hit the shelves back in 1988. Absolutely loved this game back then but funnily enough Id forgotten all about it until recently when I found it on a MAME collection disc I got for my Dreamcast (eBay £2.50).
Ninjas were big in the 1980s thanks to films like American Ninja and The Octagon, and every lad who grew up then wanted to be a ninja. They were even more popular than footballers (they were in my neck of the woods anyway). Not suprisingly videogames followed and a great bunch of ninja games were made including the likes of Shinobi, Durell's Saboteur, Ninja and a slew of others.

When ninjas attack

The story behind Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja is simple; President Ronnie (Reagan was president when it was released) has been kidnapped and its up to the Bad Dudes to save his ass. (Wouldn't it great if every country had a couple of guys like this to sort out the worlds woes?)
Admittedly the Dudes don't have a massive list of ninja moves at their disposal, its mainly kick and punch, but it matters not. This is a fun title which I will keep going back to for some ninjery love now that I have found it once again.
Feels good playing it on the Dreamcast too.

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